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Tracing papers

Tracing papers

Tracing papers

Translucent paper, also known as Translucent vellum paper or Tracing Papers, is perfect for wedding invitations, marketing projects and any design project you can imagine.

Choose from an array of colors or clear. Sometimes a project may require a clear cover, or perhaps, you want to create unique-looking company certificates, business proposals or business cards. Whatever the printing need, you can do it all with translucent clear or a range of colors. These versatile colors are suitable for any number of print projects because they can easily stand alone or enhance other styles of paper.

Additionally, translucent vellum printing paper is compatible with many types of office copiers.

Cosmo translucent papers with a world of applications

* Technical Drawings

* Wrapping Stationery

* Art & Kraft

* Tags and labels

Size Chart

White Tracing Paper