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Self Adhesive Paper in Delhi - Cosmo Papers

Self Adhesive Paper in Delhi - Cosmo Papers

Self Adhesive Paper in Delhi - Cosmo Papers

These papers can be used for non critical masking and other applications. Just like the other products, Cosmo papers also have a wide range of self adhesive papers.  Self-adhesive paper is a type of paper that has an adhesive strip on the underside that allows for temporary sticking and tearing off products made from it, as well as documents and other surfaces.

Special glue technology enables the use of this paper with no residue of sticky glue on the surface. In our offer, we have a variety of paper available in terms of colours, weights, and adhesive strip positions, resulting in a wide range of product variations and sizes.

The Cosmo papers Synthetic and Self Adhesive Range of paper stocks are ideal for projects that are a little off the beaten path.

If you are looking for self adhesive paper in Delhi, then the Cosmo papers is the right option for you. The properties of the self adhesive papers are they are easy to laminate these papers are easy to remove Self adhesive papers are very clean and they are durable.  The types of self adhesive papers available with us are listed below.

Silver Matt Self Adhesive

Size Chart

P.P.Clear Self Adhesive

Vinyl Matt Self Adhesive

Clear Matt Self Adhesive

Chromo Gumsheet