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Cosmo is dedicated to provide best-in class services to all the clients related to paper and packaging needs at competitive prices. We are always working to find out the new methodologies to improve our paper trade and satisfy customers with our innovation processes. A range of products created by us to serve various requirements of our clients are mentioned below:-

Business card

We have hundreds of exclusive designs from where you can choose your favourite design or you can provide your own design. Business cards are printed in premium paper stock with a smooth matte or shiny gloss finish. A unique service that we offer to our clients is that we can also print different image on to each business card using our unique printing technology.


Envelopes are as much important as the information they possess to deliver. Cosmo offers variety of styles, colours and sizes in envelope. You can choose from smaller to bigger size whatever is perfect for you and then find the style and the colour that serves the purpose. We have all the sizes, every style and the colour shades from light to dark that attracts you the most. Envelopes are used for school or office purposes to send message or piece of information, to keep resume, invitations, party information etc. Envelope paper is manufactured under stringent environmental friendly guidelines.


Letterhead consists of the name, contact information and the logo of the company and sometimes the background design or the watermark. They are printed on premium quality paper stock with vibrant soy based inks. We have tons of professional letterheads designs that are totally safe for laser printers. To convey business related information, to prepare invoices, contract or any offer, do it on customized professional letterheads.

Evolution Papers

They are the most commonly used papers for printing simple texts to refined and glossy images. We offer various sizes, weights and surfaces from recycling papers to premium high gloss as per the need. These go-to papers are best for printing brochures, magazines, posters, catalogs, maps or mails.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is an ideal choice for most of the packaging requirements which is produced by chemically converting wood into wood pulp and separating lignin and cellulose fibres to ensure the high strength of paper. The use of virgin pulp to produce kraft ensures the high tear resistance level of paper for the use of heavy duty applications. Production of this paper using recycled material is also suitable for heavy duty applications however it possess lower tear resistance level and strength. Kraft paper can be classified as machine finished (MF) or machine glazed (MG). It is available in natural shade and can also be bleached. The different uses of producing Kraft papers are:

  • Bag Kraft- For shopping applications.
  • Sack Kraft- For industrial bags.
  • MG or MF bleached Kraft- For food wrapping and packaging.
  • Kraft Liner Board- Particularly used in the food industry where boxes are kept in moist conditions.
  • Waxed Kraft Paper- To wrap deli cold meats and cheese as waxed kraft acts as a grease and moisture barrier.
  • PE coated Kraft Paper- Used as a tray liner in the fast food industry.
  • Greaseproof Paper- Used in cooking and baking.

Digital Printing Products

Our coated and uncoated papers are suitable for inkjet, colour laser, liquid and dry toner. We test all of our papers thoroughly before declaring them fit for all kind of digital printings. Cosmo papers are excellent for both graphic and text document use. Our papers are designed to offer best colour reproduction and definitions for every printing technology. You can choose different textures, colours, designs and sizes to design your own promotional materials such as brochures and booklets or menus, greeting cards, hang tags, gift tags, packaging or corporate stationery.

Cosmo produces all of its paper with the most technologically advanced equipment. We are focusing towards building the brand image and stronger reputation and contributing to protect our environment for greater customer satisfaction. Cosmo is adopting modern technology and process innovation to produce pulp and paper with eco-friendly processes for a finite number of use.