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“We have turned 86 this year”

Cosmo is one of the most thriving paper company in India who are committed to produce high quality paper products. We have covered a really long journey from the time we started. In the Year 1936 Lala Sher Singh Jain and his son Sh. Kirpa Ram Jain started the company M/s SHER SINGH KIRPA RAM JAIN with a business of Paper Trading and Stationery Manufacturing in Chawri Bazara with vision to provide single platform to paper mills, paper traders and printers . At one point They became the pioneer name in the paper trade business. To expand the business in 1971 his son Mr. Satendara Kumar Jain joined the company followed by his younger son Mr. Jagendara Kumar Jain in 1974. With the introduction of new generation in the business, the new ideas and the new techniques work as a booster for the business growth.